We offer accounting services to: - d.o.o. companies - s.p. companies - public institutions, and - various societies.
Our    clients    consist    of    economic    enterprises,    individual    entrepreneurs,    public    institutions,    societies    and others.   They   all   perform   different   duties   and   activities;   however,   they   also   need   a   trustworthy   partner   to monitor   and   direct   their   business   conduct   in   order   for   it   to   be   economical   and   in   line   with   the   current legislation   of   the   country.   The   accountant   closely   follows   the   proceedings   of   a   client,   becomes   familiar   with them   and   may   therefore   offer   advice   on   business   decisions.   We   have   deepened   our   extensive   experience and   knowledge   through   many   years   of   operating   in   the   field   of   accounting.   Continuous   education   and   our passion   for   work   ensure   success   both   for   us   and   our   clients;   our   know-how   and   approach   towards   work allows our clients’ businesses to function optimally.
- entry of business documents into the general ledger; - keeping records of liabilities and claims; - managing payment transactions; - keeping a book of issued and received invoices for tax purposes; - production of VAT returns; - various reports on foreign business operations - VIES-KP, Intrastat; - various reports for the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia; - calculation of wages and salaries and reporting them to the relevant   institutions; - calculation of s.p. contributions;
We offer comprehensive accounting support in conducting business; general enterprise consulting. The price of the services is fixed; it is determined and agreed upon at the conclusion of the contract according to the scope of the documentation and the client’s requirements.
- calculation according to work contracts; royalties; - preparation of other payments to individual persons; - reporting to the Bank of Slovenia, Agency of the Republic of   Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES),   Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS),   Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZPIZ); - drawing up documentation for obtaining bank loans; - drawing up interim reports and accounts; - drawing up annual reports; - keeping a register of fixed assets; - calculation of depreciation; - registration/cancellation of insurance; - assistance in applying for tenders.
In order for the clients to fully devote to their work, we provide the following services:
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