Are you looking for a professional and quality translation? Our translating team tackles all sorts of documents, websites, legal persons’ annual reports, business offers, brochures, leaflets and more. Perhaps you would like to have your CV translated? Trust your CV to our translators who will give your educational path and experience an international makeover and make you known to the world. Language combinations: •   Slovene to English •   English to Slovene •   Slovene to Spanish •   Spanish to Slovene •   Slovene to Polish •   Polish to Slovene •   Slovene to Slovak •   Slovak to Slovene We also arrange translations from and into other Slavic languages.
Do you wish to avoid the dilemma concerning the grammatical incorrectness and stylistic inadequacy of a text? Your   documents   are   processed   by   our   proof-readers   who   ensure   that   your   text   is   flawless   from   a   grammatical   and stylistic   point   of   view.   We   provide   proof-reading   services   for   all   types   of   documents.   In   addition   to   proof-reading,   we also offer tips on how to improve the quality of your text. The most common proof-reading services are: •   proof-reading of advertisement texts; •   proof-reading of professional texts (annual reports, instruction manuals, business documentation …); •   proof-reading of website texts; •   proof-reading of literary texts; •   proof-reading of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Contact   us   at   our   telephone   number   or   via   e-mail;   after   reviewing   your   text   and   the   ordered   services,   we   will reply to you with an offer in the shortest time possible.
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